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Lush Creative Midtown Studio

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$ 120 per hour

Lush Creative Midtown Studio

| 24 Guests

About the Space

This creative studio is a uniquely lush touchdown space in the heart of Midtown. Home to designers, editors, audio engineers, casting directors, photographers, illustrators, and animators, we invite you to plug in and enjoy the green, creative ambiance of our space.

Perfect for meetings, presentations, seminars, digital editing, photo shoots, and think-tanks.

The location is no more than a five minute walk from Times Square, Bryant Park, Penn Station, Herald Square, and Grand Central. Food and drink options are abundant in the area – with your pick of Chinese fare, Cuban eats, fast food chains and local bars and cafés.

The studio is divided into three primary areas, all of which are available in this full-access package.
1.) Main Lounge – Open area with many couches and chairs, water cooler, kitchen, and bar counter top.
2.) Dual Purpose Photography/Media Screening Lounge – couches, home theater screen, projector, blue and white seamless backdrops perfect for photography or casting auditions. Ask about our photography equipment packages.
3.) Editing Suite – Comfortable lounge setup combined with multiple workstations, versatile monitor arrangements, including large TV, and high quality speakers.

All three areas can be used for a larger scale shoot, breakout room for hair and makeup, equipment storage and clothing racks, etc.

Inclusive Gear/Hardware:
Wireless Keyboards & Mouses
Headphones & Wireless Gaming Headset
AUX Cable for Speaker System
Wacom Drawing Tablets
Mac Pro Desktop Workstation
Multiple Displays (Monitors and Television)

Software Available
Adobe Creative Cloud Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Lightroom, and more…
ToonBoom Harmony Advanced (Available only on our devices.)
ToonBoom Storyboard Pro (Available only on our devices.)

Lighting Units for Rent:
Flashpoint CL-1300 LED Panel Light (with barn doors)
Flashpoint CL-1300 LED Panel Light

2x Glow Series 24×24” Square Softboxes
1x Wescott 7’ Parabolic Umbrella Diffuser
1x 16” Beauty Dish

Devices for Rent:
Microsoft Surface Studio (i7, 32 GB RAM, GTX 980)
iPad Pro 12.7 in
MacBook Pro 2015 (16 GB RAM)

Microphones for Rent:
CAD e300 Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone
Rode Microphones K2 Variable‑Pattern Tube Microphone
Shure SM58
ELECTRO‑VOICE PL Series PL‑80a Microphone
AKG C3000 Microphone
Sony ECM MS957 Microphone
Samson C01U Microphone

High Speed WiFi
Water cooler
Kitchenette (No Oven)
Lighting and Sound Equipment
Flexible Seating & Furniture

25 guests max | 10th floor | 1500 sq. feet | Studio (dance/art/salon/etc) | 3 Rooms | 2 Bathrooms

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