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Historic Farm for your next Corporate Picnic

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Historic Farm for your next Corporate Picnic

| 300 Guests

About the Space

Built in the 1860’s civil war time, the Hope Glen Farm was built to be a working barn to hold the horses, farm implements and livestock. The basement of the barn was for milking of Jersey cattle. The upstairs was to hold farm implements and machinery such as tractors, balers and horse stalls etc.

When we first purchased the property in 2001 the Barn was condemned by the city of Cottage Grove, with foundations crumbling and the roof falling in. We quickly shored up the foundation and put a new roof on to save the barn from total destruction from the elements, such as rain and snow. Now the barn is used for events, such as barn dances, corporate meetings, picnics, events, such as weddings and Bible studies, church services etc. The barn is heated and air conditioned and can comfortably seat 99 guests.

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