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Raw Photo and Film Studio with Equipment

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$ 35 per hour

Raw Photo and Film Studio with Equipment

| 10 Guests

About the Space

Hi there! I’m Matt, the owner. Let me tell you a little bit about our studio!

This is a professional photo & film studio perfect for green screen shoots, headshots, editorial, fashion, portrait, commercial, and product films and photography. It’s also a great space for casting, meetings, and rehearsals.

The space itself is a 320 square foot smart studio featuring:

– 5000 watts of continuous lighting including 3x variable-power Quasar Science LED Tubes that do daylight and tungsten, and overhead track floods with daylight bulbs. Great for creating shapes with light, beauty shots, filming, etc.
– A 400w/s elinchrom strobe with 2x softboxes and a PC synch cord and wireless trigger system. It can also be triggered through a camera flash or other flash using their optical sensor. With the white walls of the studio, this is more power than anyone generally every needs.
– White, black, and green screen full seamless backdrops
– Large windows with natural light
– A sink and lighted vanity mirror
– A changing area with privacy panels and 2x 3/4-length mirrors
– 10 commercial grade outlets on walls and 2 on the ceiling
– Ceiling hooks for hanging more equipment
– A junior c-stand with 40″ gobo arm and knuckle
– 5 lighting stands
– A 5-surface convertible bounce/reflector board
– 4 20lb sandbags
– Free Wifi 50MBS Download and 50MBS Upload (great for streaming)
– Ceiling-mounted bluetooth-enabled speaker system
– A mini fridge
– Use of the fire escape for downtown views
– 3x lightweight 4-foot tables, 5 folding cushioned black stools, a director chair, a tall wooden stool, and a cushioned chair.

We also feature the ability to hire assistants, photographers, MUA’s, cinematographers, and other staff, as well as the ability to get you any other equipment you should need, given proper notice.

Have any questions about our features, equipment, services, or anything else? Just contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


Client/Renter must never leave the studio unlocked and/or unattended. Door must be shut firmly, and will lock automatically after 30 seconds, or can be locked manually by turning the lock from the inside, or typing in your PIN from the outside.

Client/Renter is responsible for all equipment, facilities, amenities, and the studio itself during their stay. Any loss, damage, or theft of any of the aforementioned properties is the sole responsibility of the Client/Renter, and they will be charged for the amount of replacement/repair immediately. This does not include the natural failure of equipment such as bulbs, batteries, etc., which is our responsibility.

Client/Renter is responsible for closure and security of the studio at the end of their session if unaccompanied by a studio representative from the space. If the door is not securely shut, a $50 charge will be made, and the replacement/repair for any loss, damage, or theft as a result of the failure of the Client/Renter to secure the space will be added to that charge.

Client/Renter must clean up everything, and turn off all the lights when they leave. Breaking this rule will result in a $50 charge in addition to the cost of repair/replacement.

Your booking time includes setup and breakdown and cleaning, so make sure you’re out by the time you’ve booked out for, or there will be a $50 charge as well as a charge for any additional hours, if the extension was not previously discussed.

No use of the hallway for storage/setup or photography permitted.

Rental time ends when the last person in your group walks out of the studio. Please keep this in mind when planning your shoot. If you will need extra time to set up or break down, factor this in to your time.

Client/Renter must report damaged or missing equipment immediately.

This is not a sound proof studio, and when using the facility there is a possibility of noise/distraction like music or speech.

No ALCOHOLIC beverages or DRUGS allowed inside the studio. A $250 fine will be charged for each incident.

No Smoking in the studio. Projects involved with smoke have to get studio representatives consent. Breaking this rule in any way will result in immediate expulsion and a $250 fine.

No one will be admitted who is drunk or under the influence of illegal substances.

No pets allowed without prior consent of a Studio representative.

Clients/Renters have full rights to use of photos, film, and other media from their session or shoot, unless otherwise specified.

Clients/Renters give the studio the right to film and store security footage.

The studio has limited rights to use of photos, film, and other media from session or shoot, for the intention of promotional content, when granted in booking form by client, or later in writing.

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